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Central Iowa Airshow
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Ended: September 30, 2019

The Iowa Military Aviation Heritage Museum is sponsoring the Central Iowa Airshow August 23, 24, and 25 2019. We have 7 of the top acts in the nation coming to the Airshow. We start out with a Friday Night Show with Aircraft shooting off live Fireworks in the air. There at least 3 live Bands that will play that night. Lions Club will be having a Steak fry Friday Night. The night will end with a spectacular Fireworks display. Staurday and Sunday will consist of a Flight Breakfast in the morning. Remote Control Aircraft will be flown at the Old Aviation Expo Grounds. Mini Jets will be flown of the Taxiway for 4-22. Full Scale airshow will happen in the afternoon. There will be food vendors and all sorts of other things to view while at the Airshow.

The Iowa Aviation Heritage Museum was started in 1999. A Group of individuals decided that we wanted to create our own from Iowa, based in Iowa and the artifacts we collect will stay in Iowa.  We decided to create our own 501(c)3 Organization where everything will stay in Iowa.

We have many historic artifacts that have Iowa connections and we honor our military to a great extent. We had many WWII Veterans in the early years that were members and we honor them to this day. Many of our active members are retired Air Guard People. We like to invite everyone who has interest in the Military and Aviation to come out and see what we have accomplished since 1999. We started a Vintage Flying Club 5 years ago and have 3 Flying Aircraft at this time that have some of their own History. We have several projects that in themselves are of Historic nature. We are working on several other Aircraft to add to the Iowa Aviation Heritage Museum and the Vintage Flying Club.

We do several events during the year to help keep our financials going and have lots of fun in the process. We have done Car & Airplane Show and Shines. We go to Flight Breakfasts and Air Shows and sell items out of our PX to help support the museum.

Our current Status is that at this time we are in the Black. We have not borrowed money in a long time and we want to keep the museum operating fiscally responsible. We rely on donations from people and organization who want to help. We are visited by people from all over the world but yet have not reached our local community. By being involved in the Air Show I think it will help put us out where we will be more recognized. We have a website and Facebook Page. Vintage Flying Club also has a Facebook Page.

Looking toward the future we would like to have our own large hangar so we can keep all our aircraft together where they can easily be seen. We also have many other things that we would like to display also where the public can come in and see them. Would like to set up a place for lunch and supper to be served where people can watch the activity at the airport while they dine. I know if we bring the right food vender pilots will fly a 100 miles to eat there let alone the public that will come out to enjoy the activity.

I do not want to take up to much of everyone’s time so I will challenge you to come out and see whats going on at the Iowa Military Aviation Heritage Museum.

Michael D. Callison


Iowa Aviation Heritage Museum


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